Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maisto's Gas Caps

Since my husband was working on Friday, I decided to take Kaz for a ride on the trolley to visit Daddy at work. On our walk to the trolley station, we made all kinds of fun stops in stores along the way. One of the stores we stopped in at was Marshalls. We don't normally go in there, but I thought it would be interesting to check out what toy assortment they had going on. In terms of their car selection, they had some larger Hot Wheels big rigs, which were pretty cool, but not nearly as captivating as the Maisto Gas Caps. Having never seen the Gas Caps series, I was immediately impressed.

First off, I noticed that Gas Caps are made by Maisto. Most non-car enthusiasts may have never heard of Maisto, but this company is definitely worth taking a look at. I only discovered Maisto recently because they have an affordable line to compete with Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Instead of selling for $1, they sell on average for $.70-$.80. You might be wary of the product at that price, but the Maisto cars are actually even sturdier feeling than many Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Also, my husband and I were very surprised to learn that Maisto makes many Tonka cars and trucks now. Tonka, which is known for being toddler tough employs Maisto to do its work? Just that fact alone says a lot.

Returning to the Gas Caps, I couldn't resist buying one ($3.99) for Kaz because I loved the unique and cute design. The 3" cars have faces much as Pixar's Cars cars do, but these faces are street tough. Just check out that mug above? And, talk about a front grill!

The model that Kaz liked the most was an '09 GC Elegante. Besides looking cool from the front, this ride is equally impressive from the side. Check out the sparkling rims. And, notice the signature "GC" Gas Cap above the rear tire, which is what unlocks the final threat of the car. Watch the video below to see how the car goes from simply cool to bumpin' when you press the Gas Cap.

I'm hoping that the battery on this car lasts a while, because I love the music and how it makes Kaz nod his head to the beat. The other night, Kaz brought the car with him when my husband and I took him for a walk in his stroller. Kaz was addicted to pushing the Gas Cap button and so we had nonstop musical accompaniment for our walk. Plus, we were pretty surprised to see that the blinking red lights of the eyes reflected off cars nearly a block away from us!

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