Monday, April 13, 2009

The Vicious Vette

Every time that we go to visit my in-laws, Kaz loves to go and explore our now 16 year old niece's "toy room." He is always sure to find some treasure of sorts, whether it's old plastic dinosaurs, an echo mic, or...some never finished die-cast model kit. Several times now, he has pulled out the Vicious Vette box pictured below and then continued to examine all of the small parts inside. He would lovingly grip the loose rubber tires in his hands and bounce around in excitement. Although the car was already halfway put together, there were still many small parts floating around and so I wasn't sure that we would be able to put it together without missing at least some little piece.

The box was pretty beat up and looked like it had been sitting for quite some time. My mother-in-law doesn't even remember when they got it or why. In any case, I was inspired to finally finish putting it together on Easter Sunday since we had some time to just hang out.

Here is the finished product! Amazingly, there were NO parts missing. It is quite a beauty and I think Kaz likes the fact that it's so big. At a 1:24 scale, it is much larger than the regular Matchbox cars that Kaz is used to playing with.

The hood and doors open up, much to Kaz's delight. Unfortunately, Kaz didn't quite have the patience to let the glue fully dry and so we may have to reglue some of the pieces later.

Here's the view from behind. Let me just say that I can fully appreciate how people get hooked on putting together models. It is really fun. I especially liked the fact that this one didn't involve painting, though. There is no way it would have ever turned out so nice looking if I had had to paint it myself, especially since I had a two year old "assistant" helping out the whole time. I think it's safe a bet that Kaz will be running straight for this Vicious Vette the next time we visit my in-laws!

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