Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kazuo's Easter Windfall

Kazuo got an embarassing number of cars for Easter! Fortunately, most of them were under a dollar a piece since they were purchased at the Kmart in Ramona where they had a big sale on their die cast cars. Here's the quick run down:

99 Cents Only Store Wooden Toys:

Hot Wheels: I don't always like all of the crazy Hot Wheels designs, but I thought these ones were cool.

Hyper Mite, 2008 All Stars (Asst. L2593 M6922, 2000) - Here's info from the back of the packaging: Born 2001 in El Segundo, CA, the "mighty Hyper Mite can go where no car has gone before. Fitted with handlebar steering and seating for one, it's small enough to venture where other cars can't. Powered by two V-twin motorcycle engines, it goes fast enough to make an impression. Try it and you just "mite" like it!" First, I find it hilarious that Hot Wheels cars have a birth year and place. Second, what's up with the use of horrible puns? In any case, I think this car is pretty cute and weird.

OCC Splitback, 09/42 - (Asst. L2593 N4012) - Here's info from the back of the packaging: Born 2008 in Newburgh, NY and apparently designed by the Orange County Choppers. Crazy! "With a V-Twin engine and hardtail suspension, this custom-built chopper was made for lane splitting along the open road." I have no idea what a V-Twin engine or hardtail suspension is, but I think this bike is pretty awesome. The back tire is extra wide and so it can stand up all on its own.

Mad Propz, 04/10 (Asst. L2593 P2440, 2004) - Here's info from the back of the packaging: Born 2004 in El Segundo, CA, "This low-wing stunt plane is a flight club favorite. Made for barrel rolls and super loops, Mad Propz is all about mad fun." Again, Hot Wheels comes through with a tacky pun and finishes it off with a "z" instead of an "s"--that is something that just grates on me! I couldn't resist the cute design, though, and Kaz is really into "airplane" now.

Pixar Cars cars: I might feature these again at a later date, because they are so awesome. These are a little more expensive than Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, costing about $3 a piece. The extra price, however, is made up in the cars being a little larger and sturdily built of metal. To top it off, they are adorable!

Hank "Halloween" Murphy - I especially love the well-crafted details including the hood ornament, side view mirrors, brake lights, and spare tire with license plate #S962. This was a must-get for our collection since my husband and I love Halloween so much we were even married on that day!

Fillmore - I love this Hippy car! The paint job is simply incredible. There are numerous bumper stickers that say things like "Drink organic oil," "Save 2D Animation," and "I brake for jackalopes." The stickers are so small that I can barely read them--this makes the paint job all the more impressive. I love how the wheels match, too!

Matchbox: All of the rest of the cars that Kaz got for Easter are Matchbox. The first five came in a 5-pack of "Ocean Research" vehicles and the rest of them came individually.

Hovercraft (A39, 2000) - This "Ocean Research" hovercraft #519 has the awesome graphics of a wave and dolphin silhouette. The missile-launching-looking thing also rotates. Since this is an ocean research vessel and not some military vessel, it's probably not a missile-launcher, but I'm not sure what it is.

International CXT, 1:89 (MB687, 2005) - Again, this vehicle has a great dolphin silhouette for the "Ocean Research" team. I love the particular details of the loading steps, the back hitch, the exhaust pipe (at least I'm guessing that's what the silver cylinder is), and the covered bed. Interestingly, this same model truck has been made with different paint jobs and so doubles as a construction truck, a "Mountain Rescue" truck, and a "Grant's Organic Farms" truck.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1:58 (1999) - This "Official Vehicle" of the "Ocean Research" team is hauling around a raft-like boat. Notice the great detail inside of the boat. There are two oars, a life jacket, binoculars, some luggage, and a rope and anchor.

Rescue Boat (A39, 2000) - This "Ocean Research" boat #518 rolls around on 4 wheels, but it is smooth sailing in Kaz's imagination.

Dune Buggy, 1:61 (1998) - The "Ocean Research" dune buggy #429 is the last of the ocean-themed 5-pack. It comes equipped with plenty of rope, a shovel, an axe, and a booty-kickin' antenna. As I know nothing about dune buggies, could someone explain why they need antennae?

DAF XF95 Space Cab, M5339 City Action 10/12, 1:86 (MB702, A45, 2005) - This "Courier Transport" cab #702 looks like it could actually haul something. I wonder if there is some attachment that you can add to it? I love the painted on warnings "WATCH YOUR STEP" and "IN EMERGENCY CHECK FOR DRIVER IN REAR COMPARTMENT."

2006 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300, M5326 Construction 5/7, 1:84 (MB728, A45, 2006) - I had no idea that Mercedes-Benz made construction vehicles! This "Cargo Couriers" vehicle #728 is apparently intended for "Rentals - For all your construction mess." Even though it is yet another truck for our collection, I like that it's got a pretty unique bed.

Volkswagen Beetle 4X4, M5348 All Terrain 4/13, 1:57 (MB723, A44, 2006) - This Beetle is pretty trippy with the large all-terrain wheels. Interestingly, the platic interior is detailed enough to show a gas can in the back seat and yet there is no steering wheel that I can find.

1974 Volkswagen Type 181, P2973 Outdoor Sportsman 5/12, 1:59 (MB738, D06, 2007) - The thing that cracks me up about this Volkswagen is that it has a sassy personalized license plate "74 THING" and that it obviously follows that the car must be from California. It also has a Thai elephant.

Volkswagen Concept 1 Beetle Convertible, M5321 Metro Rides 7/7, 1:61 (A45, 1999) - This Beetle got some extra attention with some details such as a center console that includes the gear shift, hand brake, AND cup holder. Another bonus is that the front head lights are actually made out of plastic rather than the usual painted-on ones.

Golf V GTI, M5291 Metro Rides 3/7, 1:59 (MB684, A45, 2005) - A fourth Volkswagen in a row? I guess I think that they make some pretty cute cars. I almost didn't buy this Golf since it looks very similar to the Honda Civic that you will see below. But, I couldn't pass it up since it is a "GTI" and my husband loves the PS3 game GTI Club Plus. What exactly does GTI mean?

Smart Cabrio Fortwo Coupe, P2919 Metro Rides 5/9, 1:52 (A45, 2001) - Although it would not be practical space-wise for us to buy a smart car in real life, I was excited to buy a toy version. I think these are cars are always fun looking when I see them on the road and this toy car is no less adorable. One cool detail is that the driver's seat is pulled forward more than the passenger's seat.

Scion xB, M5310 Metro Rides 6/7, 1:54 (MB665, 2004) - I had to get the Scion since it is one of the cars that I would consider buying the next time I get a new car. I love the whole "crossover" genre of cars that has sprung up and Scion is a brand that my mechanic brother has actually suggested I consider.

2008 Honda Civic Type R, M2630 Metro Rides 1/7, 1:61 (MB753, A45, 2008) - Since I'm Asian, I had to live up to the stereotype and get this Honda Civic. It turns out that the car truly is intended to be authentically Japanese since it has its steering wheel on the right side of the car. As a bonus, it is another car with a Thai elephant.

1978 Dodge Monaco Police Car, N5443 Emergency Response 1/8, 1:71 (MB762, B06, 2008) - I figured that it would be logical to follow the Honda Civic with a police car. I love the old school style of this Unit No. 7 vehicle #132762 that has an advertised "Commitment To Service!" My only disappointment is that there is no caging or window between the front and back seats. It makes up for it by having a Thai elephant, though.

Pierce Dash Fire Engine, M2629 Emergency 6/6, 1:123 (MB755, 2008) - I was drawn to this El Segundo fire department truck, because it looks so realistic. We had previously gotten Kaz a Hot Wheels fire engine, but it is neon orange and not nearly as genuine looking. This one looks like the real thing. It also has a Thai elephant.

City Bus, M5329 City Action 6/12 (MB662, A45, 2004) - This City of Everett bus has been "At Your Service Since 1893." It has a "Welcome Aboard" sign and is even handicap accessible. Inside the bus, the seats on the right side are lined up with their backs against the side of the bus whereas the seats on the right side are arranged in 2-seat rows. Pretty neat!

MBX Motor Home, M2632 Outdoor Adventure 2/12 (MB756, A45, 2008) - Last, but certainly not least, is this awesome motor home. You can easily see all of the great exterior details in the first photo above. I had to highlight some of the interior details, too, though. Check out the second picture. Looking through the sun roof, you can make out a table with 2 cups and a slice of pie on it. Although not pictured, there is also a sink and a sofa inside. And, it has a Thai elephant!

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